Shameless Self-Promotion

“We interrupt this program for a commercial…”

Several years ago I wrote a solo for beginner clarinet and named it “Sailing.”  When I showed it to my friend Les Taylor, he told me to contact Bruce Smith in Indianapolis.  Bruce owns the BRS Music publishing company.  Bruce liked it and agreed to publish it.  But he also told me it would be difficult to sell as a solo by itself; he said I might want to put together a collection.

“Genius,” I thought.  So a few years later I wrote a solo that was just a little more advanced than the first one and called it “Big Steps.”  Again, Bruce said it was good.  Nevertheless, a collection of two is not really a collection at all.

This past summer, then, I finally wrote a third solo named “Coaster Ride,” again making it just a little more difficult, though still playable by a first year clarinet student, and again Bruce declared it was good.  So at long last he gathered the three solos into one collection and called it “Three Adventures for the First Year Clarinetist.”  It is available at where you can listen to a computer generated performance of the three pieces (on one continuous track) and view a sample of the score.  It is also available from the J.W. Pepper Music Company at (catalogue #10345865).

Here is a brief description:

Each of these pieces for the first year clarinet student takes the performer on an adventure: an encounter with pirates, a walk with giants, and a thrilling theme park ride. They are arranged in progressive order.

  • “Sailing” uses only quarter, half and whole note rhythms, and all notes are below the break.
  • The notes of “Big Steps” are both below and above the break, but there are no across-the-break passages. Jumps across the break require only the addition of the register key. The time signature is 3/4. 
  • “Coaster Ride” is a fun 8th note etude on the Bb concert scale, with passages below, above, and across the break.

Students, teachers, and audiences are sure to love them.

I hope you will forgive this shameless self-promotion.  I don’t really like to toot my own horn, but I cannot bear the thought that clarinet students everywhere could be forever deprived of the best music I have ever published :).

“We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Phyllis Shaver on November 26, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    I listened to the music, Rob, and loved it. So proud. Mom


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