Ethan’s Magic Locker

“You’ll never believe what happened, Mr. Shaver,” said Ethan.  School had just ended and I was on my way back to BandLand when he stopped me in the hallway to share his story.

“Let’s hear it,” I replied.

“Well, everything was going along fine today, but the strangest thing happened after 6th period.  I went to my locker like always, but when I opened it, everything was gone,” he said.

“Everything?  What do you mean?” I asked.

“Yes, everything.  Papers, books, folders, everything.”

“That must have been a bit unnerving,” I said.  Ethan is a highly motivated student who does his best at everything he tries.  His locker is probably one of the most organized in the school, maybe the world.  The very thought that he would misplace a paper or book – or, heaven forbid, a homework assignment – would cause him severe anxiety.  So I can only imagine how upset he must have been to lose his entire locker…

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“Well, I closed it… then I re-did the combination and opened it again to make sure it wasn’t a trick, or my imagination, or something,” he said, “But everything was still gone.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought of this, but by this time he was laughing, too.

“What did you do next?”

“Well,” he explained (being a thoughtful young man, Ethan starts a lot of his sentences with the word “Well”), “I went to the office, which is where I found all my stuff on the counter-top.  You see, some student is transferring to another school, so the office staff sent someone to clean out his locker, which is #178, but the person cleaned out locker #78, instead.”

“So it was all a big mistake?”

“Yes.  It was just a misunderstanding.” he finished, clearly relieved.

“Well,” I replied, “Now you have a great story to tell.”

“I sure do!  See you tomorrow,” he said, as he took off to catch his bus.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well… at least he made it to his locker. I still remember planning when I could stop by my locker thanks to the counter-clockwise hallway flow at VBJHS.

    Occasionally, I’ve had a dream where I forget to get something out of my locker. I know about and have to wait a couple of classes before I have to explain the situation to a teacher.


    • Oh, the dreams. I still have the ones where I sign up for a class and then forget to attend for the entire semester. Then I panic and wonder how I am going to get a passing grade. So I go try to talk to the teacher, but I can’t find the right room…


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